The Urban Plant Oasis blog explores the world of indoor plant care and all it's many forms - from propagation to being a plant killer. 

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Brittany Bowen


A Brief History

Urban Plant Oasis started as a hobby in between meetings of a full-time job I worked remotely from home. I had always wanted a lush and beautiful garden (indoor and outdoor!) but as a millennial with overwhelming student debt and no fathomable way to buy my own house, I had been stuck in small gloomy apartments that never really allowed for it. 

In September of 2017 I bought my first few houseplants after moving into a beautifully well-lit apartment and decided it was time to sink or swim. I would use my lunch breaks to tend to my couple of plants, carefully checking and double checking soil moisture and light exposure, swooning over every new leaf. Not only did I not kill these plants, but they began to thrive! I got braver and bought more and more plants, and before I knew it, my entire apartment was covered in what felt like an oasis. An oasis in the growing urban jungle of Portland, OR.

And thus, the Urban Plant Oasis was born.