A Visit to Fractal Flora

A Visit to Fractal Flora

Living in Portland and establishing a life here is probably one of the best things I could have done for myself as an adult, but that does not mean I forget where I came from. The first 10 years of my adult life I lived in San Jose, CA working that Bay Area grind to try to pay off my school loans and get somewhere in my career. And even though I have relocated to Portland, I still come back to visit friends and family and love every minute of it. 

During my most recent visit for the 4th of July, I had the absolute pleasure of visiting a floral/plant shop pop-up called Fractal Flora. You can also check them out on Instagram here

Their mission is something I can absolutely get behind: "In this age of technology, our mission is to rekindle the bond between people and plants by curating visually stunning arrangements that are easy to care for."

Incredible, right?

Well, I accidentally stumbled on this gem while I was grabbing coffee at B2 in the San Pedro Square market. If you've ever been to B2, you know how legit their coffee is and how necessary it is to go there at least once while visiting San Jose. Anyway, I was sitting and waiting for my standard almond milk latte when I decided to google local shops, and what popped up no more than a couple hundred feet away from me? That's right, Fractal Floral. So I popped out of the market and I was stunned to find not one, but a few pop-up shops across the street from Old Wagon (my old stomping ground of my 20's... RIP drunken 22-year-old Brittany).


I quickly walked across the street and happily sauntered into this gloriousness.

Fractal Flora
Fractal Flora 2
Fractal Flora 1

If you can imagine my best Stephan impersonation from SNL, it would say this. 

"This plant shop has everything. Cute tiny terra-cotta pots. House plants of different varieties. Planters in the shape of Pokemon." 

Seriously it was darling. After about 300 laps around this shop I finally decided I wanted to buy something, so I settled on a 2" Variegated English Ivy, and I am so happy I did. I took the plant to the front desk and the person helping out was the sweetest person ever... and for the life of me I cannot remember her name. (I'm sorry, you wonderful mysterious unicorn, you.)

She offered to repot my plant into the terra-cotta planter I was buying and add a little moss on the top of it just for the hell of it. *insert my overused heart eyes here* UM YES I'LL TAKE BOTH PLZ.

English Ivy Planting 2
English Ivy Planting 1

So I left Fractal Flora with an adorably repotted Variegated English Ivy and a smile from ear-to-ear.

San Jose needs a little greenery in it's life, and I think cute and fun little plant shops like Fractal Flora is a great start. Thank you to the owner of the Moment pop-up shops for allowing woman-owned businesses to have a chance in the retail market in downtown San Jose. I know for a fact I will definitely be coming back to visit this plant shop the next time I am in town. 

Variegated English Ivy

And here is my freshly planted new little baby. What should I name her??

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